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Success Stories


The world of telesales can be an unpredictable and often stressful experience for an employee.  Meeting deadlines and filling required quotas can seem like an uphill battle at times.  This was the case for Michelle.  After some time in this profession, and after the struggle of managing these deadlines and quotas, she made the difficult decision to resign from her job. During the course of applying for the unemployment benefits that were going to help sustain her household, she attended a...

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Sometimes life throws you a curveball.  And sometimes it throws you right off your feet. For Rachel, it started when the family moved to northwestern Pennsylvania for her husband’s job.  She had been working as an auditor but couldn’t find similar work in their new community.  “That kind of career path just didn’t exist,” she said.  So, like many people, she took what jobs she could find in order to pay the bills.  Then her husband’s company downsized.

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