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Success Stories

Lisa Adams

Lisa was laid of from her production specialist position with a local brewing company where she had been employed for almost 2 decades and was in the process of pursuing Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. Lisa came to our office in search of help and to explore her options where she met with a Career Counselor who assessed her circumstances, her barriers, goals, and training opportunities available that would meet her income needs following her lay off.

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Tricia Riley

  In April of 2019, Tricia Riley, a 22-year employee at Verso Paper Mill, Luke MD, along with 699 other workers learned that within 60 days they would be out of work because the mill was closing its doors.    “Losing my job after so many years and having to start over at my age was definitely devastating.” 

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Zachary Knode

Zachary was a 19-year-old high school dropout, who wanted to secure a career and become financially stable to provide a better life for himself.

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Matt Farris

On Tuesday April 30, 2019, Matt Farris began his workday at the Verso Paper Mill located on the banks of the Potomac River in the small village of Luke MD.   The news soon spread quickly that morning that the Luke Mill, one of the oldest manufacturing plants in the county for over 131 years, announced that the Luke operation will be ending production

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Devon King

Devon King came to Western Maryland Consortium with a dream. He wanted to drive the big rigs and honk his horn at all the little kids making the arm gesture. Devon came to WMC as a 21-year-old out of school youth.

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Sarah Green

Sarah Greene came to the Western Maryland Consortium in Garrett County in February 2021 ready to rebuild her life and find meaningful employment.  As someone in recovery from being affected by the opioid epidemic, both Sarah’s parole officer and her substance abuse counselor encouraged her to call WMC to learn about the services and assistance that were available to her. 

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Jaice Piper

Jaice Piper registered as a client with the Western Maryland Consortium in Garrett County in early 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic devasted the world. She was seeking assistance with funding for a Licensed Practical Nursing training program, and at the time not realizing the need and demand for nurses and other healthcare professionals that would soon be upon us.

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Shadashua Malone

Shadashua Malone was an incredibly young teenager when she had her first child; she had dropped out of school to raise her baby and then became pregnant again a few years later. As a single parent of two, Shadashua was forced to live on Temporary Cash Assistance from the Department of Social Services to support her family. She wanted more for her children than what public assistance could provide, so she resolved to turn her situation around. Her children were her strongest motivators to...

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Gracee Jacobs

Gracee Jacobs came to the Western Maryland Consortium newly recovering from a heroin addiction with no high school diploma and no work experience. She had started taking GED classes through Allegany County Adult Basic Education’s Career Pathways Program (a shared partners program with the Consortium). Gracee was also supported through the National Health Emergency Dislocated Workers Program Grant implemented by the Consortium.

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