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Full steam ahead, never looking back

The world of telesales can be an unpredictable and often stressful experience for an employee.  Meeting deadlines and filling required quotas can seem like an uphill battle at times.  This was the case for Michelle.  After some time in this profession, and after the struggle of managing these deadlines and quotas, she made the difficult decision to resign from her job.

During the course of applying for the unemployment benefits that were going to help sustain her household, she attended a workshop at the One-Stop Job Center.  This is where Michelle learned about the Western Maryland Consortium and of the services that it could potentially offer her.  She did what they had instructed, called the day after the workshop to schedule an appointment with one of the case managers.  From that day forward, she never looked back.

Michelle took full advantage of every resource that the Consortium was able to offer her.  She completed the Office Associates Level I and II Programs, Fundamentals of Accounting I and II, Introduction to QuickBooks and was also able to take a special tax and accounting course offered by one of the local tax preparation businesses.

During the course of her studies there were updates to her resume that the staff at the Consortium had assisted her with, along with a few application submissions and an interview or two.  Then came Michelle’s opportunity for participation in an OJT with a local electrical business for a position in the accounting department.  This is exactly what Michelle had been tirelessly working and striving towards.  She interviewed for the position and was offered the job.  She is still employed at this company today and is grateful for the opportunities and support that the Western Maryland Consortium was able to provide to her.

“I highly recommend the Consortium to individuals who may want or need to advance their skills or are maybe even looking to completely change their profession.  Their one-on-one advice and direction helped me get the most out of my time there. “

– Michelle