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Lisa Adams

Lisa was laid of from her production specialist position with a local brewing company where she had been employed for almost 2 decades and was in the process of pursuing Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. Lisa came to our office in search of help and to explore her options where she met with a Career Counselor who assessed her circumstances, her barriers, goals, and training opportunities available that would meet her income needs following her lay off. She told her counselor that she had a record, a limited skill set, disclosed a few other special challenges and expressed concerns about finding work that met her current income requirements as a result of those disclosures.  

The Career Counselor assisted Lisa in developing an effective reemployment plan that she was anxious about but excited to pursue. She reffered Lisa to one of our local training providers, health care organizations, and DMV to help prepare for her Commercial Truck Driving prerequisites while Lisa continued working with Unemployment to explore all employment opportunities while in training. Simultaneously, Lisa was connected with our Certified Professional Resume Writer who prepared a competitive resume (to include her new credential upon the completion of her training) that would allow her to immediately begin her job search.

Lisa found employment almost immediately following her training through a recruiter hosted by the Community College she attended on the day of graduation. She is currently in her second of an 8 week onboarding training where she reports she is, "sincerely happy and prepared to take on this new career and apply her newly aquired skills and training." Lisa is now gainfully employed, fully self-sufficient, prepared to begin her over the road career that she was anxious about in the beginning.